New Day Chiropractic offers chiropractic care for all ages.


Dr. Laughlin is Advanced Proficiency Rated by Activator Methods International.  Using the Activator protocol, he will adjust various spinal segments based on your body's reaction that day.  Each visit is uniquely tailored to your body's needs.  


The adjustment is delivered using a spring-loaded instrument that combines low-force with high-velocity to deliver a quick, comfortable adjustment.  Your body will always be adjusted in a neutral position; there is no twisting, "popping," or "cracking" typically associated with manual adjustments. 



Dr. Laughlin will take the time to hear your story.  Looking at your history and observing how your body reacts to chiropractic care, you and Dr. Laughlin will set up a personalized care plan to achieve your individual health goals.

Activator Method is gentle enough for infants, yet powerful enough for weightlifters.

Parker Graduate
Dr. Charles Laughlin is one of the best Activator doctors I have ever met. He is not only gentle, he is very thorough and considerate of his patients’ needs. Dr. Laughlin has a way about him in knowing just what to do and say to ease the patient’s worries.
— Catherine

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